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Burnout by definition is “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress“. Job burnout can make you resent your career, your superiors, and your coworkers. Statistically speaking, as many as three-quarters of employees experience it from time to time. The important first step to relieving  burnout, of course, is recognizing that you are experiencing it. Here are some signs below that indicate that you might be burnt out.

  • Over-critical of yourself or others.
  • Constantly fatigued.
  • No feeling of accomplishment from your work.
  • Using unhealthy habits to cope with job stress.

If any of these symptoms above resonate with you, it might be time to make some changes in your work situation. Listed below are several steps you can take to relieve the burnout you are experiencing, so you can get back on track and start feeling better.

Step 1: Talk to your supervisor.

Something about your job is making you feel the way you do, and it’s time to identify it. Could you be working too many hours? Are you having problems with a coworker? Once you have the specific concerns that need to be addressed, take them to your supervisor. Your boss may not be able to get rid of the burnout altogether, but they can begin to treat the root cause.

Step 2: Foster strong relationships.

Although an open relationship with your supervisor is important, it is just as important to bond with your coworkers as well. Having friends at work not only breaks up the monotony of the workday, it also means that you always have someone to talk to who possibly understands what you’re going through. 

Step 3: Make time for the things you love.

All work and no play can lead to all kinds of problems. Physical activities such as yoga, running, or biking can help alleviate the stress a hard day has on your body. Activities such as reading, writing in a journal, or cooking can help you relax and unwind. It can be hard to stop thinking about work once you’re at home, but do  take the opportunity to distract yourself with activities that make you feel refreshed.

Step 4: Unplug after hours.

In this digital day and age of texting and social media, your boss can reach you at any time.  They can easily send a message to you asking you questions, or asking if you might be available to come in to work. Don’t forget that your personal time is yours and it is important to have that work life balance. So, unless your job requires you to be on call, it really is not your duty to work on what is supposed to be your day off. Overtime isn’t always a bad thing, but when you need a break try calmly explaining to your supervisor that it would be best for you to take the day off .

Step 5: Consider a new job.

If your burnout is getting to be unbearable, or if you tried the above tips and they have not worked for you, it may be time to sit down and re-evaluate your situation. What are you looking for in a job? List your top three expectations, and put your job to the test. If the job you have right now is not checking those top three boxes, you could probably benefit from a change of pace. Start applying and looking into new job opportunities that you think will ease your burnout.

Contact us for more information on avoiding job burnout. In the meantime, take a deep breath and start working towards a better work/life balance now! 

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