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According to the American Staffing Association, “Staffing employment has been growing three and a half times faster than the economy and seven times more rapidly than overall employment,” since July 2009. Before that time, staffing employment typically followed economic trends. Based on recent trends, now is a fantastic time to open a staffing franchise

As integrated, automated systems become common in the staffing industry, growth continues to improve. If you’re considering opening a staffing franchise, here are 3 important things to know about growth in the staffing industry.

  • Staffing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States
  • According to Business News Daily, the employment service industry expects an 18% growth rate over the next five years. That’s nearly 50,000 additional jobs in this industry. As flexible scheduling increases in popularity, businesses are likely to adjust their staffing patterns to use more temporary staffing services to meet their needs.
  • In addition, Staffing Industry Analysts suggest that the temporary staffing industry will reach a record high this year. Due to automated systems and data-driven recruiting processes, it’s easier than ever for owners of staffing franchises to excel at their work. By using technology to streamline the industry and find the right match for employers, staffing franchises are exceeding expectations and experiencing huge growth across the United States.
  • Workers looking for temporary employment will increase
  • Millennial workers are taking on more contract work as they attempt to increase their income with side jobs and other short-term options. In addition, workers reaching retirement age are living longer, healthier lives. These employees return to work to make up for funds lost during the recession, and many of them are open to contract or short-term options. The number of workers looking for temporary employment is likely to increase as flexible work options gain popularity. A staffing franchise is a great way to take advantage of this trend.
  • Finding the right talent will become more important
  • As companies grow and the labor market becomes more competitive, finding the right talent will differentiate great staffing franchises from the rest of the crowd. Expert Tim Fischer states, “It’s not just finding talent, it’s finding the right talent.  Many of our clients have become very picky about who they hire. You have to… find candidates who are not just technical fits, but organizational and cultural fits as well.” Staffing franchises will attract more clients and build a strong base of repeat customers when they excel at finding the right candidate. Many technological advances improve your chances of finding the right fit, so use the latest technology to find the perfect candidates for the job.

If you’re thinking about opening a staffing franchise, there’s no better time than now. Staffing companies now far exceed the economic average of the United States in growth. As part of one of the fastest-growing industries, a staffing franchise is a fantastic way to ride the wave of changes in work schedules and current trends for a rewarding career. Workers looking for flexible, short-term opportunities are on the rise, so you’ll almost always have a good talent pool to choose from. Find the right employees to keep clients coming back, and you’ll be well on your way to owning a wonderful business. 

Many companies offer opportunities for staffing franchises. To learn more about what’s involved and whether a staffing franchise is right for you, contact us. We’re happy to share our experiences and direct you toward an option that’s perfect for you and your career. Learn more about starting your own staffing franchise today.