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Are you in need of top talent for only a short period of time? Finding talent on your own for short-term projects can be overwhelming and not worth the investment of your time and energy. Partnering with a temporary staffing agency can help you find great workers for your temporary projects. If you’ve ever wondered whether an agency can help, here are some of the reasons to consider working with a staffing firm in Sacramento.


When you’re not sure if a project will last a week or a year, partnering with a staffing agency will give you this flexibility. They’ll place a temporary employee on the job who understands the short-term nature of the work and will be willing to work with you on the scope of the job. You then have the opportunity to focus on running your business.

New Skills

By working with a staffing agency to fill short-term positions, you also have access to new skills. If you’re not able to hire someone and train them for a specific function, a temp with those previously existing skills can help ramp up your programs and projects. Then you don’t have to rely on training and onboarding a new employee.


Hiring is expensive. Every step of the process can cost your business money. And once you bring someone on board, you need to consider the cost of employment as well. When you only need someone for a finite period of time, that cost can be overwhelming. When you partner with a staffing agency, you pay the service and they pay the employee so the cost is all built-in.

Improve Morale

Are your current employees feeling stress from being overworked? Bringing on short-term employees to help you when things are busy can improve the overall mood in your workplace. Temps can help your current staff, take on additional tasks, or provide the support that can allow your team to do what they do best every day.

Find Talent

There are some hidden benefits of working with a staffing agency as well. It may be the perfect place to mine new permanent talent for your company. A temporary employee who excels at their assignment may be just what you need in a new full-time employee. You can work out an arrangement with the staffing agency to bring the temp on in a permanent capacity.

Is partnering with a temporary agency right for you?

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