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Hiring quality talent for your company is no easy feat. You’re looking for people who excel at their  jobs, but also people who fit your company culture and contribute to continued growth. Making the right choices here can be a huge investment in the success of your company. If your choice goes sour, however, you can lose time, money, and likely some hair from your head. So how do you go about hiring quality employees?

As a decision maker, it is likely that stack of resumes on your desk is not the most welcome sight. And the longer the hiring process drags on, the more likely it is that you’ll fall victim to something called “decision fatigue”.

Decision fatigue is what causes people to make impulse purchases, miss workouts at the gym, or eat fast food after a long workday. When you’ve spent all your mental energy making choices throughout the day, your brain tends to fizzle and your choices become poorer and less rational. And if you’re interviewing several candidates a day, some of whom aren’t even qualified for the position you want to fill, you may end up settling for less than the best just to stop the madness.

That’s where Nextaff can help. With our scientific recruiting method, XFactor, we help you create a custom roadmap to screen all potential candidates. We assess candidates based on the profile you create with us and ensure you only interview the candidates that are the cream of the crop. We take the major stressors out for you with our streamlined process, from job description to final handshake. We are actually helping our clients put the excitement back into hiring.

Our proprietary approach delivers results up to 5X better than traditional hiring methods. For more information on our structured recruiting process, download this free whitepaper, “Perfecting the Perfect Hire”, or contact us today. Based on this article, we recommend you read: 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Hiring Quality TalentAcquire Talent Trough Aligning Goals and Values, and Avoiding Pitfalls: Hire Quality Employees

NEXTAFF helps companies Hire Quality Employees.  By offering a complete range of temporary staffing agency services, we help your company – no matter where you are in your business evolution – raise productivity through hiring better quality employees. We are able to service all your staffing agency needs with local staffing offices in Raleigh-NC, Overland Park-KS, Topeka-KS, Kansas City-MO, Houston-TX, Gulf Coast-MS, Phoenix-AZ, Orlando-FL, Harrisburg-PA and Miami-FL.