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Discover NEXTAFF with Our Staffing Franchise CEO, Cary Daniel


What can a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner expect in terms of investment, profitability, and corporate support? 

We recently sat down with our staffing franchise CEO Cary Daniel to talk about our NEXTAFF franchising model. Back in 1988, Cary was just like you might be right now. He craved freedom and flexibility. Two things that corporate America does not offer. Cary wanted to build wealth his way. And that meant starting a business. 

If that sounds a bit like you, but you’ve no idea where to start then you’ve come to the right place. Venturing out solo can feel very daunting at first. But don’t let that stop you. Despite knowing virtually nothing about owning and running a staffing business, Cary and his team were able to scale to over ten locations in just eighteen months. Today, through NEXTAFF franchising, Cary is helping aspirational people just like you start their very own NEXTAFF franchise businesses. 

Watch our video here, or read the transcript below to learn more about the NEXTAFF staffing franchise opportunity.

Video Transcript
My name is Cary Daniel, I’m the CEO and co-Founder of NEXTAFF. 

Back in 1988, I was where you might be right now. I craved more freedom and flexibility in my schedule. I wanted to get out of the prison of corporate America whilst also wanting to build wealth. I knew that I could accomplish these things by starting my own business. After a few years in the staffing industry, I decided to venture out on my own. The funny thing was, I barely understood the mechanics of it initially. Probably like where you are right now. 

Despite knowing zero about owning a staffing business, it only took eighteen months for my partners and me to grow our own staffing business from zero to ten locations. Just a few years later, we sold that business successfully. But I still had a passion for the staffing industry and, more importantly, a belief that we had a tremendous amount of value that we could share with others wanting to start their own staffing office. 

Today, through NEXTAFF franchising, I found real fulfilment in partnering with franchise owners to show them the same path that I once walked. In just a few short years, since we started offering the NEXTAFF franchise opportunity, we’ve already had two franchise owners follow in our footsteps. They were able to quickly build their own successful NEXTAFF businesses and exited each with sales prices in the seven-figure range. Today, I’m going to give you a more detailed overview of this business model, so that we can help you understand if a NEXTAFF franchise could be the right partnership for both of us. 

Since today might be your first day on this same path, let’s get started by educating you on the staffing industry. This industry has quietly become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States over the last decade. It has grown from $81 billion in 2009 to $151 billion in 2019. Currently, staffing companies place 16 million employees per year on assignment. This industry is a little bit of a rising giant and we are excited to be at the forefront of it. Plain and simple, staffing agencies solve many companies’ biggest problems. 

For example:

  • I need to find the best talent available to get a competitive edge, but I don’t know how. 
  • I need to fill positions more quickly. 
  • I waste too much time combing through resumes and conducting interviews. 
  • I need a better gauge of the right fit before I commit to the expense of onboarding an employee that might not work out. 

This is where NEXTAFF comes in. We’re based on the simple premise that there will always be companies looking to hire and that there will always be people looking for jobs. NEXTAFF matches companies with employees and charges for the service. You might be wondering if a staffing business is still a smart move for you in times of higher unemployment. You might also be surprised to learn that it absolutely is. Not only is the industry experiencing significant growth, but during times of higher unemployment, companies still use staffing agencies. In our twenty plus years in this industry we’ve seen first hand how when unemployment is high, businesses become inundated with applicants for all positions. Typically, companies lack the bandwidth to review each resume and spend the necessary time and resources needed to find the right fit. Utilizing a staffing agency is a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to find the right employees. That means when using NEXTAFF, companies can focus on the big picture and continue to grow their business. So, the staffing industry is booming and it solves one of the biggest needs for any company which is great. But we realised if we truly wanted to hit our lifestyle and financial goals, we would need to offer staffing services that were far superior to any other staffing brand out there. 

So, here’s how most staffing brands work. They operate from gut instinct and they rely on outdated methods like reviewing resumes manually and conducting unstructured interviews. In fact, in a blind study, the perfect candidate was only selected 13% of the time using these old, outdated methods. 

Now, here’s how the next step ‘X factor’ works. We generate profiles for the most successful employee types. We then utilize more reliable screening techniques such as 

  • Work sample tests
  • Skills tests
  • Personality tests

In one study, just by adding an integrity profile, turnover dropped 30% and workers comp claims dropped significantly. The end result is a proven proprietary program that’s simple to utilize and outperforms traditional staffing competitors and HR departments by as much as 100%. Because our staffing services are typically so much more effective for our clients, they tend to stick around. 

We have a 75% repeat client base, meaning you aren’t spending your days fighting for new clients. We’re proud to offer a truly unique and superior business within a surging industry. But they’re not the only reasons why our franchise owners love their businesses. 

Here’s more. 

Model profitability 
Our franchise owners are driven by big financial goals. In fact, the average owner generated $1.9 million in revenue with a gross profit of $394k. 

Fulfilling model 
Our franchise truly helps companies get better and we help individuals find their first or dream careers. The thank you letters our owners receive constantly are a big part of what drives them. 

Choose your clients 

Unlike the other staffing companies who typically work within one industry NEXTAFF has the ability to staff in most verticals. We operate in IT, healthcare, and commercial industries, allowing franchise owners to work in the vertical that compliments their background and experience. 

Huge territories 

Compared to other staffing companies, we award extremely large territories to our franchise owners. Typically, owners are able to do business in their entire county. This means more clients and more profits for you. 

You’ve learned that the average owner is generating almost 400 thousand dollars in gross profit. So, I’m sure you’re now wondering what does it cost to keep this business up and running? The cost to open your new business will be between $123-$152k. This includes a franchise fee of $40k. 

That fee covers items like:

  • Prospect lists 
  • Initial marketing material
  • CRM and staffing software setup 
  • Most insurance deposits and coverage 
  • Custom website page 
  • Social media presence
  • Document library 
  • Learning management system 
  • Sales CRM access
  • Payroll support 
  • Tax support 
  • Insurance support 
  • HR support 
  • Sales support 
  • Marketing support 
  • Instant credibility 

In fact, you’ll join a highly awarded brand and own your own piece of it. As a franchise owner it’s not just the initial setup that we help with. We’ve built and ongoing support program to cover you for virtually every element of your business. With us covering you for sales and marketing, operations, management, and finance you might be wondering exactly what your role will be in running your dream business. 

It’s very simple. Find clients that need people. Find people looking for work. Match them up and oversee the payroll process. It’s as simple as that. 

As a new NEXTAFF owner, you will have a small office space (around 800-1200 square feet). We will help you find the ideal location and will look for locations that are easy to find in high volume traffic areas with close highway access. The goal is to have you ramped up and open for business in just 60-90 days following the day we sign your franchise agreement. Compare this to a restaurant or typical retail franchise which averages 6-12 months to get it open for business. 

Additionally, this is a lean and mean model. You won’t have much overhead or capital expenses. Your team will look like this:

As the franchise owner you will handle sales (at least initially). You’ll also hire one recruiter. This person finds employees looking for jobs. Once this person generates about 15 thousand in revenue, somewhere around 22 weeks, an owner would want to add an additional recruiter or an admin recruiter in training. 

This smaller team and overhead allows most owners to break even in just seven months. On top of that, in 3-4 years with enough volume built and the right team in place a franchisee could choose to step back into a semi-absentee role, so they can spend more time doing the things they love. 

We’re looking to partner with specific types of people in order to make this successful for both of us. 

Here’s what we are looking for in you. 

  1. You will be ready to be your own boss
  2. You will be ready to be in control of your own destiny 
  3. You want to control your time off 
  4. You want to control your income and equity potential 
  5. You’re tired of being told what to do
  6. You’re comfortable following a system
  7. You’re high energy and positive
  8. You’re willing to work hard to achieve your success
  9. You’re customer service oriented or have B2B sales experience
  10. You’re financially qualified with $150k liquid capital and available to invest in your new business. 

My sole purpose with this company is to guide new NEXTAFF owners to the levels of success we have seen as owners of staffing businesses in the last couple of decades. In just a few short years of playing that role, I’m pretty amazed at how quickly it’s happening for our owners. 

So, by now, either through going through our website, reading our franchise report, or listening to this whole video, you know some initial information on our franchise opportunity. I’d like to now invite you to see if you qualify to own a NEXTAFF franchise. 

To find out, you’ll need to complete our questionnaire. It takes most applicants less than five minutes to complete. There’s no cost, and no obligation for either of us. Just a quick way to help us both understand if the partnership makes sense at this initial stage. 

But here’s the good news. Once you complete the questionnaire and get approved as a qualified applicant to start our education process, we will start to provide you with a host of information that’s not made publicly available. 

Qualified applicants will receive 

  • Access to Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Audited financial statements 
  • Introductions to current Franchise owners

Good luck with your questionnaire. I hope to meet you soon and make you NEXTAFF’s newest success story. 

Ready to join the partnership? 

A little bit about the staffing industry

Over the last decade, the staffing industry has quietly become one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Between 2009 and 2019, the industry skyrocketed in value from $81 billion to a staggering $151 billion. Today, staffing companies place 16 million employees on assignment each year, saving companies the headaches that come with finding and onboarding new staff. 

What is NEXTAFF and how is it different from other staffing agencies?

NEXTAFF isn’t just a staffing agency like any other. NEXTAFF is based on a simple premise. There will always be companies looking to hire and there will always be people looking for jobs. So that’s where our staffing franchise comes in. NEXTAFF matches companies with employees and charges for the service.

Something people often ask us is how NEXTAFF copes during times of high unemployment. And whilst that’s a fantastic question to ask, you might be surprised by the answer. Here at NEXTAFF, we’ve found that the staffing business is pretty impermeable. Whether the economy is going through a period of high or low employment, companies are always in need of high-quality staffing solutions.

How do traditional staffing agencies work?

The majority of staffing brands rely on outdated methods to find employees for their companies. Methods like gut instinct, manually reviewing endless resumes, and conducting unstructured interviews. But this is proven to be ineffective. In fact, these methods only have a 13% success rate.

How NEXTAFF is different

Here at NEXTAFF, we don’t think that 13% is enough. We don’t rely on these outdated, inefficient recruitment methods. We opt for the X-FACTOR instead. Our unique X-FACTOR methodology generates profiles for the most successful employee types using highly reliable screening techniques including work sample testing, skills testing, and personality testing. Our simple but effective proprietary program consistently outperforms traditional staffing agencies and HR departments by as much as 100%. And with rates as impressive as that, it’s no wonder NEXTAFF has developed a network of loyal business clients with a 75% repeat client base.

What’s in it for me? 

Our NEXTAFF Franchise Owners have big potential. Let’s take a look through some of the many perks enjoyed by NEXTAFF Franchise Owners. 

Healthy revenues 
The average NEXTAFF owner will generate $1.9 million in revenue and a gross profit of $394k. 

Satisfying work 
Financials aside, you’ll also be helping companies find their dream clients and individuals find their dream careers – and that’s extremely satisfying. 

Unlike many other staffing companies, NEXTAFF works across multiple industries. We have the ability to staff in most verticals including IT, healthcare, and commerce. That gives our Franchise Owners the freedom to work in the vertical that best suits their individual background and experience. 

Large territories 
NEXTAFF Franchise Owners enjoy vast territories. We typically award each Franchise owner their entire county, giving you the opportunity to accrue more clients and healthy profits. 

Excellent resources 
Every new NEXTAFF Franchise Owner pays an initial franchise fee of $40k. With that, you’ll get all the resources you need to scale a successful franchise business of your own. The fee covers items like prospect lists, marketing materials, software, insurance, website, social media, document libraries, and business management support across payroll, tax, insurance, HR, sales, and marketing. Most importantly, you’ll earn instantly credibility from the highly awarded NEXTAFF brand name.

Could you be a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner?

Here at NEXTAFF, we’re always looking to partner with a specific type of individual. 

NEXTAFF Franchise Owners are…

  • Ready to be their own boss
  • Craving control of their destiny 
  • Keen to control their time, income, and equity 
  • High in energy and positivity 
  • Willing to work hard for success 
  • Customer service oriented 
  • Financially qualified 
  • Comfortable following a system 
  • Tired of being told what to do! 

In order to become a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner you’ll also need to be finally qualified with at least $150k in liquid capital available to invest in your new business. If that sounds like you, all you have to do is complete our free questionnaire. This is just a way for us to get to know you and see if you could be a good fit for a NEXTAFF partnership. 

Ready to become a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner? 

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