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Good people are hard to find. With so much quality talent in the applicant pool, looking for viable candidates to fill a specific role is, well, next to impossible using traditional recruiting methods. Heavily reliant on the resume sourcing abilities of a recruiter who may not have the knowledge base or skills set to effectively source resumes and/or phone screen candidates, traditional recruiting methods do not fully embrace the many tools and resources available that can put the recruiter in direct contact with candidates that will lead to a successful hire with long-term potential. With an average time of 6 seconds spent per resume, it’s no wonder that viable applicants are overlooked every day. You can stop passing up viable candidates.

At Nextaff, we’ve abandoned the ineffective, traditional recruiting methods and designed our own proprietary method called XFACTOR, which relies more on science to perfect the perfect hire. Unlike traditional recruiting methods, XFACTOR attracts both active and passive candidates and administers a series of assessments, including your own custom-designed XFACTOR assessment, and structured interviews in identifying and hiring quality talent. Your time and the applicant’s time is too valuable.

As with anything in life, there are no guarantees, but there is no denying that this method delivers results. Our scientific approach to recruiting has shown to deliver results up to 5x greater than the traditional staffing methods. With almost 50% of new hires being classified as failures within their first 18 months, according to Leadership IQ, there is simply nothing to lose and everything to gain by employing our more scientific approach to seeking out quality talent.

Download our free white paper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” by clicking here. Contact us to learn more.