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Being a recent graduate is an exhilarating time, with one chapter ending and another about to begin. It may feel like your life is in limbo until you land that crucial first job and make the transition from student to employee. Luckily, the internet has a wealth of free, useful resources that can help you with the job hunt.

Craft a Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is much more of an art than a science. You have an opportunity to create a great first impression and  showcase your skills and experience in an engaging way. You can learn more about effective cover letter writing styles with this curated list of 90+ cover letter examples in a wide range of industries.

Polish Your Resume

An essential tool in your job search toolbox is a strong resume that will get your foot in the door and hopefully land you an interview. The University of Minnesota hosts this comprehensive resume guide that breaks down the art of writing a personalized resume. This guide includes step-by-step formatting instructions and provides several examples of well-written resumes.

Begin Networking

Once your resume is in excellent form, show it off on the world’s largest networking site, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is incredibly influential, with 95% of recruiters utilizing the platform to source their candidates. Creating an appealing profile is crucial to get a leg up in your search. Get started by utilizing LinkedIn’s helpful and detailed guide on every aspect of using the site. Be sure to make connections with people in your field, school alumni, and colleagues from past jobs or internships. You never know if/when these connections might be able to help you land a job down the road.

Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Landing a job will depend on being able to put your best face forward during interviews. Like any other skill, performing well in interviews can be learned and improved. YouTube has several channels devoted exclusively to helpful tips and tricks for job interviews. Check out Linda Raynier’s popular series on interview skills, complete with sample answers to several common questions.

With all the time spent networking, searching, applying, and preparing for interviews, landing a job can feel like a job in itself. Stay persistent, stay motivated,  and use every resource available to you. Eventually, you’ll be able to “graduate” into the workforce. In the meantime, read more helpful tips on finding a job or contact us.

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