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Find Top Employees with Science, Not Luck

Anyone who has been in business can tell you that any business is only as good as the quality employees it attracts and retains. In today’s competitive job markets, finding the top employees can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re doing it the old- fashioned way and relying on luck.

Counting on your lucky stars

If your employee recruitment practices have not moved into the 21st century, you’re probably still advertising on job mill websites and local newspapers. You may even be posting a blurb on social media or popping out a tweet about your job opening.

A swarm of unqualified applications and resumes will probably inundate your office in response. When you finally get to weed through these, you may find a potential gem or two, decide to call them in for an interview and hope they haven’t found other employment while you were shuffling applications.

There is a better way…

The future is here now with Nextaff’s X-FACTOR. There is a better, more efficient way to hire and keep the quality talent you want for your business. The X-FACTOR recruiting model uses the science of the 21st century to get you started on building a top-notch employee roster that can take your organization to the next level.

Here’s a summary of how X-FACTOR works:

  • You provide details that help us formulate a plan for recruiting the best hires. 
  • We’ll generate a detailed job description and set up an X-FACTOR profile online. 
  • We use job boards and social media to attract candidates, with some approached through more passive sources.
  • Chosen candidates complete a thorough assessment; generally a combination integrity, cognitive and personality test.
  • We analyze the results and compare them against your X-FACTOR criteria. We then recommend those with the highest scores as potential hires.
  • Nextaff phone screens the candidates for you.
  • We schedule a structured interview for those successfully passing the phone screening.
  • The best of the candidates move forward to a face to face interview with you. You receive a copy of the X-FACTOR data.
  • You welcome your new employee aboard your team.

Simplification through science

Recruiting employment candidates through the X-FACTOR process eliminates the hours of time you and your Human Resources people spend trying to find that perfect employee to fill your vacancies.

The hiring of quality talent is a vital part of any business. By simplifying and refining the procedure, Nextaff creates a no-hassle process for hiring quality talent. That’s a winning scenario for any busy business executive.

To learn more about what Nextaff’s X-FACTOR can do for you, download our free white paper Perfecting the Perfect Hire. When you’re ready to use science to hire quality talent for your business, contact us.