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If you’re in the market for a new job but you’re currently employed, there is a very important step to consider. Once you accept a position, you need to let your employer know that you’re leaving the job. In most cases, individuals give notice of the intention to complete about two weeks of work at that time. But how exactly do you put in your notice without burning bridges? Here’s a guide to get you started.  

Why Two Weeks?  

Is two weeks just an arbitrary number we’ve all agreed on when it comes to providing notice to quit a job? The official reason might be a mystery, but employers view it as a courtesy. By giving them time to find a replacement and train them, they know you’re not burning bridges. There may be other situations sometimes, but two weeks is considered standard.  

Writing a Letter 

Before you quit, you should always compose a formal letter of resignation. This is just to have your intention on the official record. A resignation letter will vary based on how long you’ve worked for the company and your relationship with your supervisor. In any case, it should be short and professional. Be sure to demonstrate your gratitude for the time you’ve worked with them as well as the specifics of your resignation.  

Set up a Meeting 

Writing a letter doesn’t let you off the hook in terms of facing your supervisor and quitting. You will still want to talk to them face to face to let them know what’s going on. Set up a meeting in advance and bring your resignation letter with you. Let them know your circumstance, the extent of your notice, and hand them the letter. Say thank you here as well.  

Prepare Ahead 

I think everyone has had the notion to quit a job they dislike in a blaze of glory. Standing up on your desk and shouting over the whole office, “I hate this, I quit!” It’s an understandable fantasy, but it’s not ever the best course of action. Always prepare ahead when you plan to quit and do so politely and professionally or you risk burning bridges and eliminating important references for the future.  

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