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How do you measure job satisfaction? Among all the things people compare about their jobs, satisfaction in your role is one of the most difficult aspects to quantify. Most would agree that it is, in fact, a subtle mix of aspects including appreciation, interesting work, opportunities to grow and advance, and the quality of the relationships you form with coworkers. It can be shaped by how your boss sees you, how your clients treat you, and how you view yourself while at work. Job satisfaction occurs when the right person is found for each role and employers know how to value and reward them. From a more corporate perspective, job satisfaction is the least measurable aspect of what causes employees to become eternally loyal or leave all too soon after being hired.

Are You the Solution?

The fact of the matter is that anyone who has the ability to identify job satisfaction markers is incredibly valuable in the hiring industry. The key is to enjoyably match job seekers with positions that they will find personally satisfying, ensuring a long and happy employment. If you have this talent, you could be helping hundreds of job seekers and companies every year by applying your abilities as the leader of a staffing franchise. Whether you’re currently working as a freelance recruiter or a member of an HR department, it may be time to consider your own job satisfaction. Even if you enjoy your current position, becoming your own boss and leading a top-notch team of recruiters and interviewers could be well-suited for you.

Making a Satisfying Job Match

Learning how to place job seekers into roles in which they’ll find long-term job satisfaction is difficult on a number of levels. In most cases, the recruits you handle only have a vague idea of what they would find satisfying in a job and companies tend to have an inflated sense of the satisfaction offered by their positions. Given that neither the hiring company nor the candidate can be trusted to give accurate match-making information, a good match is usually made with a combination of experience, skills, and personal intuition. This intuition is the super-power of a great staffing professional and if you have it, why not share it with the world?

Using Your Powers for Good

A great match is one of the best gifts you can give both job seekers and companies. If you do decide to start a staffing agency, you could have the opportunity to give the gift of job satisfaction to hundreds of people every year. If you have that priceless intuition that ‘just knows’ when someone would be happy in a particular role and company culture, this is an invaluable service to both individuals and the business community as a whole. If you are able to build a reputation for creating happy long-term matches, companies and job seekers alike may clamor for your staffing services in order to reap the same rewards. By starting a staffing business, you might be able to share your valuable talent with your entire community.

As the need for quality recruits increases worldwide, staffing franchises are on the rise. We delight in every happy connection between job seekers and businesses and we want to share that joy with every talented job match-maker we can find. Whether you are an experienced recruiter or an HR guru, there could be a place for you as an owner, or leader in this growing staffing industry. For more information about starting your own staffing franchise, contact us today!