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The hiring process is often very standardized. Employers look at a candidate’s applications, resumes, and interview performance before making their hiring decision. Time and time again, this recruitment process proves to be ineffective, often times producing mixed results. Talentnow reports 42% of employers worry about not being able to find adequate talent, which appears justified given that 73% of candidates describe themselves as “passive” job seekers. Meaning, they aren’t as serious about the jobs they are applying to. This can cause serious problems for employers looking to hire quality talent.

Nextaff looks to change the way the hiring process operates for those worried employers by weeding out the “passive” job seekers. X-FACTOR is our empirically validated hiring process that works directly with employers by evaluating their requirements for candidates, and helping them find quality talent across various job boards and social media platforms.


After determining your hiring criteria, X-FACTOR will set up your specialized profile online to help you take advantage of the best the program has to offer. Those using the program early will be able to take full advantage of its benefits.


Unlike many typical job assessment tools, X-FACTOR’s one-hundred question assessment utilizes integrity, personality, and cognition-based questions to differentiate between active and passive job candidates. X-FACTOR will ensure only active, serious candidates are sent your way.


Candidates that meet X-FACTOR’s standards will appear as “Recommended” in our program. We take the recommended candidates and compare them to your job criteria. Those we view as a match, who we believe are the “perfect hires”,  will be sent your way.


X-FACTOR will phone screen these hires and conduct in-person interviews for those who pass the screening. Those who we feel interview well will be sent to you to conduct your final, formal interview. We will send you a copy of X-FACTOR’s screening page to address any final concerns with your candidates.

We encourage you to contact us with any interest or further questions and download our free whitepaper below on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire”. 

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