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It might not seem like it now, but small actions lead to big changes. If you are beginning to feel like you are losing you are not quite happy with your current employment and losing passion for it, why not take a step back and give some thought as to why. Initially, it sounds sort of like an oxymoron. How can a small action really lead to something bigger? Can there really be that big of an impact from a simple decision?

The answer is, yes – but there is a nuance to it. Small actions are a signal of intent, of betterment and that is what really leads to the big changes. Taking a small action means that you are able to look at the bigger picture, that you see a brighter future and you are taking steps towards that. And that is the biggest change of all, and what will lead to future success.

The hardest part of this process is to make and sustain these changes alone. There will always be a host of other distractions and priorities such as work deadlines, a mountain of unanswered emails that will take precedence but take a moment, stop and breathe.  Objectively seeing a path is a great step, and there is no need to run from it – that is the future you deserve.

To get to this juncture, there are two vital components you must have:

  • Small, achievable steps you can take
  • The right people to help you

Creating these steps is difficult, especially if you are not sure where to start. It is critical to work with someone who has your success as their priority and as their main agenda. They will understand that need to look at the bigger picture, and help you create finite parameters needed for when you will sway from your course and when you will not.

Having the right people around you will greatly help in increasing your success. Why? Because they possess the tools and knowledge to guide you through the process once you are ready to take that step. They will help by not only creating the steps of your journey…but also ensuring that you take that path to success, and find the right employment for you.

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