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The staffing industry is booming as the demand for highly skilled workers continues to climb. The American Staffing Association states “Since the recovery began in July 2009, staffing employment has been growing more than two times faster than the economy and just over six times more rapidly than overall employment. “The industry is still growing, with niches to be identified and developed in all areas of the country.  Would you like to be part of this trend? You might consider starting a staffing agency in your community under the umbrella of a larger, more established organization.

For an entrepreneur who wants to learn from one of the best in the business, a franchise is a way to enter the field fully supported by the tools and infrastructure of an industry leader. Although unemployment has eased since 2009, the demand for highly-educated workers in the technology, healthcare, engineering and financial sectors still leaves companies needing staff on a temporary or project/contract basis. Staffing companies now address a broad array of business needs, from leave replacements to temp-to-hire recruiting support, from specialized teams that move between organizations to human resources consulting.

There are other notable advantages to the franchise model.

  • Flexibility. While a franchise offers you the powerful tools of the parent organization, from marketing to technology, it also allows for flexible, creative implementation of your business strategy based on your knowledge of your community, its industries and its workforce needs. Your expertise gets to shine in the franchise model, but you don’t have to do every bit of work alone.  Is your community home to specific industries or particular workforce trends that you can leverage for rewarding results? As a franchise owner you could take the initiative to take advantage of local or unique opportunities as they arise.
  • Support. Few business owners feel equally comfortable about every aspect of their business.  You may love marketing, but get a little nervous when it comes to quarterly financials. You may be terrific at sales, but have a hard time creating written policies and procedures.  The franchise model allows you to play to your strengths and supports you in the areas where you have the most to learn.  The early years of running your own business are an amazing educational opportunity.  In the franchise model, much of this education is provided for you by your parent company; your job is to learn as much as you can and apply it to your unique situation.
  • Credibility. The hardest part of starting a business is establishing a good reputation and a niche in the business networks of your local community. Franchising makes this far less stressful, as your business will have name recognition and credibility from the day you open your doors. You can expect support with marketing and business development, as well as back-office support for operations like payroll and benefits.

Nextaff is a national company that has established itself in the staffing industry with a unique approach to recruiting and retention. Using big-data algorithms derived from hiring, employment and performance reviews, Nextaff can help predict which candidates are most likely to thrive in a position, making it easy to build a world-class workforce that is very attractive to potential clients. Starting a staffing agency could be an excellent opportunity for you to harness the technological and other tools that support Nextaff’s growth–for your own business. The staffing industry contributes nearly $136 billion to the national economy with 16 million employees, according to the ASA, and it’s not stopping. Can you see yourself as a part of it?

Nextaff is ready to support you at every step of your decision making process as you consider the possibility of starting a staffing agency. Ready to learn more? Sign up for free information and downloads about the staffing industry and the Nextaff staffing franchise.