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Recruiters and Human Resource professionals receive resumes constantly. Does your resume have what it takes to make it past the initial review? Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you land that dream job, or at least make it to the next round!


  1. DO make sure that your experience is accurately reflected on your resume. Are you applying for a management position? Do you have management experience? Make sure “Manager” is listed as a job title somewhere.
  2. DO proofread your resume. Ask your neighbor, or sister, or friend to proofread it as well. There is nothing worse than listing “attention to detail” as a skill on your resume, while spelling management incorrectly.
  3. DO tailor your resume for the job you’re looking to land. If the position is one that values and encourages creativity, add a little flair to your resume. Keep the standard form, however, if you’re applying for something that is less likely to encourage self-expression.


  1. DON’T include a picture of yourself on your resume. It takes up valuable real estate that could be used to expand on your experience, and it also invites potential prejudice.
  2. DON’T lie on your resume. This should go without saying, but I’ve read enough resumes to know that some people still need to be told.
  3. DON’T allow your resume to extend past two pages. As a recruiter, if a resume was any more than two pages, it didn’t get a second glance. I knew what openings I was looking to hire for, and none of them required five resume pages worth of experience. If you’ve been working for many years, streamline your resume by including details from only the jobs that are relevant to the position you are seeking. You can always put a note at the end offering your full resume if needed.

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This is, of course, not a comprehensive list but should offer you, the job seeker, a place to get started. Visit the Nextaff blog or contact us for more tips on how to ace the interview and to learn steps for preventing job burnout.