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You’re feeling confident about the interview so far. The hiring manager has asked all the relevant questions and itemized your skills and work history. You feel every answer you’ve delivered has been a home run. But now it’s your turn to ask a few questions. What you ask and how you ask can make or break the interview. Being prepared to ask the right company related questions can help turn the interview into a job offer. Here are a few suggestions to asking the right questions.

Growth Opportunities

Inquire about opportunities for promotion and advancement. Try to avoid “yes” or “no” questions directly and engage to elicit a more conversational dialogue. You’ll want to know how a candidate coming into this position can expect to move through the ranks. This line of inquiry will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are eager to succeed and interested in long-term career commitment.

  • How does someone advance in the company specifically?
  • Can you discuss examples of career path advancement beginning with this position?

Gauge How Your Rank in the Process

While you may feel you’re doing a great job, the hiring manager could be holding back or have reservations about you in some way. In an effort to make sure you’re addressing any and all potential concerns, ask a few questions to verify you’re the best candidate.

  • Would you like to discuss/see my references?
  • Do you have any reservations about my qualifications or skill sets that I can clarify?
  • What type of experience do you see feel is necessary for success in this position?

Assume You’re In

Be prepared to ask questions that presume you have the position. This will also help you understand future expectations in the position. Show confidence in asking these next level questions.

  • Is there a policy or training schedule for new hires in this position?
  • What would my first 90 days be like in this position?

Be prepared to focus on company-minded questions and demonstrate your interest in integrating into the organization. Once the official offer has been extended, you can then ask the relevant “me” questions about benefits, insurance, time off or pay. Until then, educate yourself about the company and design your line of questioning to help you better understand the culture and position. For more ideas on what to ask during an interview, and how to prepare, contact us!

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