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These days, hiring quality employees is like finding a needle in a haystack- a way of processing that is long overdue for an update. It should then be no surprise to have a recently hired worker turn out to be a completely different person from when he/she was interviewed. What happened? The idea of an applicant being perfectly qualified in an imperfect hiring system, that’s what.

At Nextaff, we use a Proprietary Structured Process that gives businesses a deeper insight into each candidate. Here is a list of indicators that we may use during the hiring process:

  • Work Sample Tests
  • Cognitive Ability Tests
  • Job Trial (Temp to hire)
  • Job Knowledge Tests
  • Integrity Tests
  • Personality Tests

Each of these methods benefits your business. For instance, the test on integrity reduces employee replacement by an average of 25%. Personality tests give a strong indicator as to whether the quality talent will fit. It also promotes a safe and healthy working environment. Hiring qualified talent who have a sense of belonging to their job creates efficiency and employee retention.

You can have employees with a sense of belonging to your business. Traditional staffing suppliers typically use references and peer ratings as the main indicator as to whether a candidate is hirable or not. The next major indicator is in the job interview which is filled with unstructured questions. In our structured process, we use work samples, job knowledge, and job trial tests in addition to reference checks and carefully crafted questions. This gives you an understanding, from multiple angles, how your candidate will perform at your business.

Here at Nextaff, we strive for the most innovative and creative ways to make your candidate process more efficient and enjoyable. By using this structured process, we deliver quality employees.

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