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What Is the X-Factor?

The future of any business is based on it’s clientele – however, the team that interact with those clients are the foundation of your company, which is why it is so important to hire quality employees. 

The normal hiring process does not always (or even often) provide the kind of exact match for a long-term employee that most businesses are looking for. The constant replacement of poor fitting employees can be an expensive endeavor, not only in terms of the cost of hiring and training, but also in client relations.

Fortunately, there is another way: The X-Factor. The X-Factor Process is a scientific method that has been tested and proven to provide 5x greater results than the normal hiring method. We do an assessment on what kind of worker your company needs, and use that as a guide to find employees for you specifically. By using integrity assessments, the X-Factor assessment, and other additional screening methods, we make sure that the candidates you have to choose from are top quality talent.

How It Is Different

Not only do we look for talent that is actively searching job boards, we also reach out to talent that is passively looking for a better fit through social media. We look beyond the ‘best-behavior’ being displayed during an interview to really go in-depth to a potential employee’s work ethic and find which atmosphere they would thrive in. We do a structural based comparison on each candidate to find out what makes them unique, and how they would be a great fit for you.

How This Benefits You

The candidates you have to choose from after we are done are not only top-quality, they are ones whose work and personal styles line up with what your company needs. The are potential employees who will find both a home and a career with you, and make your goals their goals.

Here at Nextaff, we believe that finding the right employee is a long-term investment into your company’s future. For more information on how the XFactor Process works, check out our Free White Paper below or contact us. Based on this article, we recommend: How to Find Productive and Focused EmployeesRetaining the Best Employees, and Four Surefire Ways to Never Find the Right Employee


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