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Hiring quality talent is not as easy as one may think. It is not as simple as conducting ten interviews and hiring the individual who did best. Businesses are very competitive and in order for a company to be successful, adding a quality talent to the team is imperative. But, how can you find the perfect person for the position? 

Recognize the Issue

In order to hire the best person for the job is it important to acknowledge the “problem areas” of interviewing. Traditional interviews are not what they used to be. It seems like in order to get a job these days, you have to know someone. Unfortunately for many companies, this is part of the problem. Allowing subjective decision making to do the hiring for them. 

As soon as you can identify some of the problems in your hiring department, you can work on correcting them and begin hiring quality talent. 

Avoid These 2 Common Interviewing Mistakes

  • Pros & Cons. Sometimes it is very easy to let the pros of an applicant outweigh the cons, but it is important to remember that in “real life” once they are hired, their cons may shine brighter. For example, if an applicant is 10 minutes late for their interview but answers all of your questions wonderfully and blows you away, remember to take that into consideration when reviewing all of your candidates. Upon being hired, they might think the company is lenient about attendance.
  • Stay Objective. Do not let your personal feelings or opinions influence the decision making. This is especially relevant in today’s environment as many individuals rely on “who they know” for finding their jobs. As a hiring manager, have you ever interviewed someone you knew or someone that was referred to you by an internal employee? In the future, try to remain objective or consider asking a co-worker that does not know the person to join you in the interview.

These are two common mistakes that can cloud your judgment and subconsciously interfere with hiring quality talent. Many hiring teams are guilty of these common mistakes because – we are only human. Onboarding can be stressful and sometimes it seems easier just to hire the referral we were given or ignore the fact that the applicant was a few minutes late…

Hire Objectively: The Solution

An objective interviewing and hiring process could essentially solve both of these problems, right?

At Nextaff, we use a scientifically proven method to sift through a recruiting pool 500% larger AND improve hiring success by as much as 5x. Nextaff uses a recruiting method, called XFactor, to create a customized roadmap for your business that will eliminate the underqualified and leave you with only the finest candidates. Of course, working closely with your HR team to hear about your staffing needs and learn specific details about your companies culture and expectations. This is not a guessing game, we mean business.

 NEXTAFF helps companies Hire Quality Employees.  By offering a complete range of temporary staffing agency services, we help your company – no matter where you are in your business evolution – raise productivity through hiring better quality employees. We are able to service all your staffing agency needs with local staffing offices in Raleigh-NC, Overland Park-KS, Topeka-KS, Kansas City-MO, Dallas-TX, Houston-TX, Gulf Coast-MS, Phoenix-AZ, Miami-FL, and Harrisburg-PA.

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