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 Have you interviewed and hired some great individuals only to find out that they weren’t a great fit for that specific position? A valuable, long lasting hire is more than just good intuition. It turns out there’s a scientific method that can help you hire and retain great talent.

Why Employees Don’t Always Work Out

 Maybe your last few hires showed a lot of initial promise but fizzled out in the training phase. Or maybe they weren’t up to the overall challenges that the position entailed. There are multiple factors that go into an employee excelling in their field that many employers don’t think about or factor into their hiring best practices. These factors include things like the candidate being a good fit within the company culture, upcoming scheduling conflicts that could impact scheduling availability, and proper expectations of what work/life balance entails. 

 How We Are Different

 We incorporate a proprietary methodology called The X-Factor in our talent screening process to ensure that all of our candidates are a good fit for your specific position. Every candidate has to go through a rigorous multi-step screening and testing process that also includes a structured in person interview before we submit to you for consideration. This ensures that we deliver only quality candidates that excel in the specific areas that you are looking for. 

Our System Step by Step

 We invite you to download a copy of our free whitepaper, Perfecting the Perfect Hire below! This is a step by step look at how our system works and how we can help you succeed in the process of finding your own next perfect hire. Let us help you navigate the challenges of this sometimes long and often daunting process. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you succeed in your industry.  Based on this article, we recommend you also read:Find and Hire Quality Employees in a Tight MarketEmploy and Retain Quality Employees, and 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Hiring Quality Employees

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