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Sometime in the course of a business day or night, you might find yourself thinking back on your first real job. The mentor/employer who was willing to take a chance on you. The long hours you put in, weekends and even holidays included. The slow but steady recognition you received from your peers and your boss. Your first raise. Your first promotion. That indelible moment you sensed the time was right to go out and start a company of your own.

Wouldn’t it be rewarding to start the cycle anew? To make your next new hire a newbie? To give someone their first break even though their qualifications don’t exist yet or aren’t tailor-made for the job.

The gambler in you whispers, “Do it. Take a chance.”

The risk averse business person in you shouts back, “Are you crazy!”

It might sound crazy, but there are some really good reasons to listen to the gambler. Newbies come with unique advantages all their own.

They are grateful for that life-changing first job and will work like fiends to prove themselves to you and their coworkers.

They are not restricted by prior training and are highly teachable. They are respectful of those who are teaching them. 

They bring fresh ideas and a can-do attitude to the workplace. Highly experienced candidates are more likely to be hidebound in their approach to a job.

They cost less, at least at first. 

They tend to be more loyal, if only because they have so much to learn.

But with no track record, how do you make a choice? 

That’s where we come in. Our XFactor Process is designed to find and hire quality talent, not the person with the longest resumé. We’ll filter through the unknowns for you. 

Download our free white paper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire.”  Then contact us to arrange a consultation regarding hiring quality employees. Based on this article, we recommend you read: Decision Fatigue: How to Hire Quality TalentFind and Hire Quality Employees in a Tight Market, and 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Hiring Quality Talent.


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