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Hiring Quality Talent is all about having a plan to acquire, hire, and support talent, and sharing the high standards of your hiring process with candidates as a quality reason to desire to work for you. With the XFactor’s scientific process, the prospect of hiring quality people fast is truly exciting. For HR Directors and owners of small or mid-sized businesses with no HR Department alike, XFactor makes hiring easy and efficient. See how it works: How XFactor Process Works.pdf


Quality talent is hard to find. Let Nextaff help you find your XFactor to meet your need for human personalities with integrity and intelligence to grow your company. With our methods, increase your recruiting possibilities and sift through potential candidates before interviewing any to choose a final group of quality candidates, one already tested for drugs, tested on safety, and tested on integrity, cognitive, and personality. See our hiring methodologies: Hiring Methodologies.pdf


Nextaff does all the tedious work so you can focus on finding the right fit from a carefully and scientifically chosen group of candidates. XFactor recruits candidates from the active and the inactive pool of job searchers, and helps you fill unique positions with specific requirements with the best possible people in the job market. Interview your final group of candidates with a method of structured interviewing. See how our methods correlate to success in hiring high quality talent: Who They Are.pdf


Just like candidates desired to work for you, especially the ones you hired, having passed all the rigorous testing and the structured interview process, you desire to keep them employed and wish for their steady development. Retain quality talent by appreciating their many talents immediately and putting them to proper use. Read our Whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” and learn how to keep talent feeling inspired and creative. Whitepaper- Perfecting the Perfect Hire.pdf 

Please contact us for more information on how to acquire, hire, and support a quality workforce and to get started with your next recruitment drive. 

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