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Increase Sales and Retention Through Hiring The Right Quality Talent

The task of any leader in business is to get their team from where they are currently, to where they need to be as a whole. Many industries today are struggling with the day-to-day challenge of hiring the right quality talent for the job. Every company has at some point has the experience of hiring people for their experience or technical skills and having to fire said people for having a poor work ethic or attitude towards the job. The lesson learned from this should be that hiring people for their backgrounds and or skill levels is never enough. As a company, there needs to also be a list of soft skills and abilities needed for the job for all potential hires.


There are also certain hiring practices that can be implemented that help reduce turnover and increase retention of quality workers. This articles will discuss some of the top few practices.

  1.  Make it a priority to continuously recruit and attract quality talent as a business practice.
  2. Define specific hiring criteria in order to continuously focus on hiring the right people for the job role specified.
  3. Learn how to screen resumes of potential candidates that selectively look for top performer like characteristics.
  4. Give hiring managers the skills they need to do their job effectively.
  5. Create a consistent and thorough interview and final selection process
  6. Hire salespeople by focusing on seeking out three main criteria: 1) experience 2) technical skill and 3) problem-solving capabilities.


Hiring the right people starts with having a pool of quality job candidates to begin with. Nothing in business is more important than hiring and developing the right quality talent for the job at hand. At the end of the day, business is based around people, not hypothetical strategies and business plans. When the right people are chosen for a company that is in the process of expanding and increasing profit margins, the gains can be considerable because people equate to dollars in the long run.


By selecting employees who have the right skills and attributes needed for the job, businesses can build a high-performance sales force capable of sustaining growth and exceeding projected  sales goals.

Learning to apply the information obtained during the initial hiring process to develop newly hired employees will go a long way towards increasing the longevity of the employees stay with the company and at the same time, decreasing turnover rates.

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