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Hiring quality talent, especially in a competitive job market, requires focused effort. Anyone tasked with the role of finding new employees knows that a great deal of time and money are invested into recruiting, hiring, and training. When new employees fail to meet expectations, it can make the entire hiring process seem like an expensive gamble. Utilizing the right methods, however, can help you avoid the risk of a bad hiring decision while increasing the probability of attracting talented employees to your company.


Assess Applicants Beyond the Scope of the Job

Job-related requirements are only one element to consider in the hiring process. Assessing how a new hire will fit into the overall structure of your company is equally important. The ability to retain a quality employee requires careful analysis of both your company and the potential hire:

  • Will the applicant’s skills translate effectively into your system?
  • Is your company culture a good fit for the new hire?
  • Will the new employee be compatible with existing employees?
  • How do the long-term goals of the company fit with the career goals of the applicant?

Correct assessments will help you discover incompatibilities before offering a position to the wrong candidate.


Add Dimension to Your Hiring Process with a Scientific Approach

While many employers like to rely on their intuition when hiring, it is important to remember that applicants show only their best side during in-person interviews. Additionally, references often feel an obligation to present a candidate in a positive way, so potential problems are often ignored or hidden. This is why finding quality talent requires more than the traditional interview process.

Utilizing a multi-faceted approach can help to reveal potential problems, eliminate unacceptable prospects, and identify ideal employees. This process should include:

  • Thorough recruiting (don’t limit yourself to job board postings)
  • Proper testing
  • Integrity assessments
  • Multiple interviews
  • Additional screening (background checks, drug tests, references)

To learn more about how scientific methodology can eliminate the risky business of the hiring process, contact us or download our free white paper “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” below.

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