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Prior to 2017, the one thing that recruiters would have agreed on is that hiring quality talent is hard work. That was the past. In 2017 things can and should be different. How? The answer is Nextaff’s proprietary recruiting method X-FACTOR: A scientific approach that is without a doubt the long-awaited answer to your hiring practice woes and will create a road map for successful long-term hires. No more organizational mismatches.

Here are the highlights of the X-FACTOR recruiting process.

  • Together, we create an X-FACTOR profile, which is then used to create a detailed job description and your online profile to attract candidates
  • ACTIVE and PASSIVE candidates are sourced via social media and job boards to increase the talent pool of applicants
  • Integrity, cognitive, and personality tests are utilized in an EEOC-compliant ASSESSMENT that is administered to qualified candidates
  • Recommended candidates are then compared to your X-FACTOR profile to FIND MATCHES
  • The top X-FACTOR candidates are PHONE SCREENED, with those that pass going on to participate in a STRUCTURED INTERVIEW
  • A FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW is scheduled with you and the cream of the crop, where you get to use your X-FACTOR profile to implement targeted questions to address any of your concerns before making a final decision

Remember, the number one reason people fail on the job after being hired is because of a lack of an organizational fit. X-FACTOR, however, unlike traditional hiring practices, uses a scientific approach with state-of-the-art technology and algorithms to find quality talent. Specifically, the X-FACTOR recruiting process not only helps you to find candidates that possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities, but it also helps you to determine whether the right person for the job is also the right personality, too. There simply isn’t a better way to increase your chances of finding the right fit for both the job and your organization. It’s a win-win!

Contact us to learn more about the science behind hiring quality talent in 2017, and don’t forget to download our free whitepaper on Perfecting the Perfect Hire.