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Times are changing and no one knows that better than recruiters. Although the old three-step recruiting process that included resumes, interviews, and references may have arguably been successful in the past, that certainly isn’t the case anymore when it comes to hiring quality talent. The employment landscape is changing: Candidates are not only more qualified than ever, but they also have higher expectations. So should recruiters!

The question is how do recruiters get there? Simply put, science is the answer. Thanks to the information age that we now live in, recruiting quality talent doesn’t have to be difficult; it can be easier and sustainable. That’s where Nextaff comes in. We’ve made it our business to study and improve upon the past hiring failures of recruiters and have developed a new scientific approach that accomplishes what every recruiter is looking to accomplish: hiring quality talent in the easiest way possible. No more hiring “good on paper” but “bad on the job” candidates, thanks to our X-FACTOR. The X-FACTOR not only helps recruiters determine the most qualified candidates with respect to knowledge, skills, and abilities, but also the very important organizational fit, thereby eliminating the number one reason people fail after being hired.

In a nutshell, our detailed process includes the unconventionally sourcing “active” AND “passive” candidates on job boards, social media and administering custom-designed assessments to candidates. All of this eliminates the guesswork and creates more certainty. The science behind the X-FACTOR approach to recruiting greatly increases your chances of a “good hire” exponentially by crunching the data for the recruiters. This yields 5x greater successful results than the traditional and outdated recruiting methods. The X-Factor is significant improvement from the professional equivalent of a coin toss for quality talent, wouldn’t you agree?

To learn more about how hiring quality talent is easier with the X-FACTOR method, download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” and contact us today.