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Finding top quality talent is getting harder than ever. Between the slew of unqualified online applications and the passive job market it is very difficult to find that “right fit.” Additionally, to hire quality talent, managers need to spend a tremendous amount of time going through resumes.  Fortunately, there are new scientific ways to hire quality talent.

First, our consulting team will discuss the open position with the manager and internal HR. We will create a profile of the position and the type of candidate the manager would like to see.

The role is then posted online through job boards as well as various social media outlets in order to tap into as many different viewers as possible to hire quality talent.

Candidates then are tested for their integrity, personality and cognition. These test narrow candidates down to Recommended and Not Recommended. Recommended candidates are e-mailed to the consulting team and cross-referenced for the desired candidate profiles.

Once this is complete, the next stage is a structured phone interview to test the skill capacity of each applicant. We will often conduct an in-person interview as well should the need arise.

Candidates that are still considered good matches are then passed on to the hiring manager for a face to face meeting and a final decision.

This scientific process proves to be much faster, more efficient and more accurate in obtaining the highest quality talent.

Nextaff is a leading talent management and recruiting firm. We have developed a quantitative method for finding quality talent known as the X-Factor.  Download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire.” For more information, please contact us.