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What do you look for when hiring quality talent? Traditionally, candidates are often subjected to the usual resume introduction, interviewing, a little detective work then, if lucky, the most coveted invite.  But occasionally this flow can be interrupted, or long-term it can end up costing the company a lot of capital trying to get the right fit. For those who wish to stay in the game of business must embrace a new science behind recruiting upscale talent. Your company’s success, in today’s market, will ultimately be determined by its access to the knowledge and tools needed to making the hiring process a direct target and as cost efficient as possible.

The X-Factor method is the new science that Nextaff has incorporated in the approach of recruiting, often aggressively improving a company’s employing process and maintaining its progress to a steady rise. While most employers post new openings in the classifieds and on job boards, X-Factor utilizes both job boards and social media to attract a wider range of interested applicants. This new scientific method also consists of having all applicants adhere to a series of cognitive ability and job knowledge assessments, work samples, personality, and integrity tests while also having each candidate undergo a structured and very effective interviewing process. Such detailed proceedings commonly uncovers the desired talent hidden in-house or from more passive applicants elsewhere, and ultimately it can save companies a great deal of money and time as well. 

By abandoning the traditional yet unpredictable interviewing methods that so many companies still practice, there is no wonder that Nextaff is leader when it comes to creating that perfect fit between employee and employer.  The fact is, unstructured interviews are not only a vain attempt to acquiring the right person for the job, studies now show that these same interviews may ultimately do more harm than good. Having the ability to answer random questions that are given will never ensure that a candidate has the capability of performing the job, nor does it prove overall that he or she is suitable for the company.

Don’t leave your company to chance. Find the right people today. For more information contact us, or download our free whitepaper on Perfecting The Perfect Hire.