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Companies spend thousands of dollars every year trying to hire the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, many companies use the worst indicators to select candidates. Unstructured interviews, peer reviews, experience, and even a candidate’s age affect hiring decisions. However, these measures are ineffective in predicting a candidate’s success. If you’re tired of high turnover and unsuccessful hires, turn to the latest innovation for hiring quality talent. The X-Factor process uses science and research to find the perfect candidate for the job.

Best Indicators

Nextaff uses the best indicators for employee success to find a match for your company. X-Factor technology tests candidates for integrity, and uses work samples and structured interviews to determine which candidates are a good fit for your company. Research suggests that integrity testing lowered Worker’s Comp claims from 40-60% and reduced turnover by 25%. Furthermore, structured interviews were almost twice as successful at predicting employee success when compared to unstructured interviews.

How it Works

Ready to hire quality talent? Here’s how it works. 

First, you’ll meet with experts to discuss previous successes and failures in your company. Together, you’ll create a plan for successful hires within your organization. Once you have some direction, X-Factor technology will recruit high quality talent from social media and various job boards. It even attracts “passive” candidates who aren’t actively searching for jobs.

Candidates will take an exam, which combines integrity, personality, and cognitive tests. Nextaff screens the top candidates with a phone interview, leaving only the highest quality talent for the structured interviews. Candidates who pass the structured interview get a face-to-face meeting with you. 

With this fantastic method, you’ll only meet top-quality talent that’s already a good fit for your company. Save time, money, and reduce turnover with this incredible method. To learn more about hiring quality talent, download our free whitepaper on Perfecting the Perfect Hire.