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Hiring employees and dating have one thing in common; in both, the parties are somewhat in the dark. As you interview candidates, you have no idea who you will end up with. Since hiring involves matching specific roles with the best candidates, the process can be inherently uncertain, expensive and time-consuming.

The Scientific method of hiring simplifies the process by first identifying the X-Factor in candidates before calling them in for a face to face interview. Companies that have the speediest success with hiring quality talent are those that use metrics to predict performance before inviting hundreds of candidates (traditional model of hiring). Here is how scientific hiring saves you time and money.

Less chit chat

The traditional model of interviewing involves meeting all applicants for face to face interviews which raises the likelihood of small talk. Scientific hiring eliminates the need to break the ice, helping you save the small talk for your successful candidates. The hiring process involves assessing the candidates online by having them take cognitive tests, integrity tests, and personality tests. This means you will only meet the selected candidates we shortlist.

Less bias

It’s natural to make automatic inferences about peoples’ personalities after a few seconds of meeting and interacting with them. The problem with this is that most of these inferences can be wrong. The worst thing is, inferences are natural, and you will always tend to like some personalities more than others…even if they are ill fitted for the job. Scientific assessments are accurate factual, data-driven and they leave no room for bias.

Nextaff is a recruiting agency that specializes helping organizations fill job vacancies with the best candidate. We reduce the hassle of trying to hire high-quality talent using the X-Factor method. For more information on how X-Factor method works, download our white paper. Feel free to contact us for more information.