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As recruiters across the globe improve strategies for hiring quality talent, it’s important to keep up with the latest technological advances to stay competitive. Experts predict automation will be a significant trend in 2017. Ji-a Min, a recruitment data scientist, explains, “With hiring volume predicted to increase next year but recruiting teams remaining the same size or shrinking, interest in recruitment automation will only get stronger.”

How do I find quality talent?

Only 20% of the workforce is “active” on job boards, so look for solutions that recruit and access passive candidates. Nextaff, a highly ranked staffing agency, finds quality talent with its proprietary recruiting method, X-Factor. This expansive system identifies active and passive candidates via job boards and social media. The result is an advanced search that helps companies find highly skilled candidates that other technologies miss.

How do I select the best candidate?

With increasing numbers of applicants and smaller recruiting teams, traditional methods don’t work. Programs like X-Factor automate the first steps of the process. All potential candidates take a pre-hire, EEOC compliant integrity assessment. Candidates that pass the exam are further screened based on the job description, patterns of successful employees at your company, and other factors. Finally, X-Factor uses a structured interview in addition to drug and safety testing to identify the top candidates. 

Where do I come in?

Instead of wading through the 75% of unqualified applicants who apply for most job postings, you’ll spend your time with only the most qualified talent. Since X-Factor does all the early screening, you can spend time interviewing candidates based on their personality and fit within your company culture. By using well-established scientific and research methods, X-Factor technology helps you hire the highest quality talent while minimizing the time it takes to find the perfect candidate.

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