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Now that we’re into summer, perhaps you’re thinking about hiring quality talent for a major business project. If you haven’t gone through the hiring process for a while, some things may have changed since the last time you interviewed someone. 

In other words, you shouldn’t rely completely on interviews anymore. The information you get from them is not always accurate or enough. Even if a candidate has a particular skill listed on their resume, how do you know if they can ably demonstrate their work talents?

Avoiding Gut Instincts In Hiring Someone

As the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology points out, too many hiring managers use their gut instincts in hiring employees. SIOP notes this has no place in effective recruiting since going on hunches is nothing but a major risk.

What happens if the person you hire proves they don’t have the talents they claimed they had? You’d be left to scramble finding someone else, perhaps using the very same tactics.

You need to use a more scientific approach to finding candidates, something requiring careful vetting steps.

Avoid Being Fooled

A lot of candidates frequently fool you into thinking they have skills when they’re merely turning on the charm. Monster even reminds us 50% of job seekers lie on their resume, or at least fudge facts.

It’s time to use a platform that applies scientific principles to fully vet a candidate. This should start with answering key questions to gauge whether they’re truly qualified. It should also include attracting talent through social media, a place where you can open the playing field on candidates.

Using an Assessment Test for a Match

A quality staffing agency provides a thorough assessment test to help match prospects perfectly to what you need. By using an assessment test that deduces integrity, cognitive ability, and personality, you dig deeper into who the candidate really is.

By matching this criteria with your own, more accurate matches occur.

This is what we do at Nextaff. Our XFactor assessment testing is a proven scientific method to help you hire quality talent.

Contact us to learn more about what we do, and read our whitepaper on the XFactor hiring process.