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Attracting and hiring quality talent is tantamount to the success of any company. And one often overlooked piece of that equation is the job description.

Job descriptions are essentially marketing pieces for your business. To use them effectively, you want your message to target quality talent and deter anyone who might not be right for the job. If the top candidates are reading your message and turning away, that means you have some work to do.

Here are three tips to improve your job descriptions and attract quality talent to your applicant pool: 

  1. Be Clear: Make sure your job title and summary are easy for any applicant to understand. Use short sentences and avoid jargon and clunky phrasing. Also, be sure to paint a clear picture of the day-to-day so your applicants know exactly what to expect. Don’t try too hard to be clever at the expense of a clear and accurate portrayal of the position you want to fill.
  2. Be Inclusive: Studies have shown that discriminatory language can creep into job ads unintentionally. Since a diverse workforce is critical to growth, you want to be sure your job descriptions are inclusive and not slanted towards any one group.
  3. Be Yourself: At Nextaff, we know that the most important indicator of a successful hire is not previous job experience or education, it’s culture fit. That’s why it’s important to inject your personality and sell the unique benefits of working at your company.

Using our scientific recruiting method, called XFactor, we work with you to create detailed job profiles that consistently attract quality talent.  We meet with you to review your specific hiring needs and help you create a roadmap based on past successes and failures. Our proprietary approach delivers results up to 5X better than traditional hiring methods. For more information on our structured recruiting process, download this free whitepaper, “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” below, or contact us today.

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