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If your company is finding it difficult to hire top talent lately, you’re not alone. On average, it takes employers 52 days to fill open positions, per the Talent Acquisition Handbook 2015. That’s nearly a month and a half of searching for the right candidate for the job. If more companies took a scientific approach to hiring top talent, they could drastically reduce the time it takes to find and hire qualified applicants.

Old school techniques like posting a job, wading through a pile of resumes, then slowly conducing unstructured interviews may soon be a thing of the past. Studies have shown that unstructured interviews are not an accurate indicator of employee performance. Structured interviews have been found to be twice as effective. Other effective scientific recruiting techniques include work sample tests, cognitive ability tests, job trials, and job knowledge tests.

Nextaff uses X-FACTOR, a revolutionary step-by-step recruiting system, to help employers hire top talent. This methodical process starts with assessing your company’s hiring needs. X-FACTOR also includes posting the position to a variety of job boards and social media outlets to attract the best candidates. After candidates are found, they are screened using a number of methods, including a 100-question assessment, a phone screening interview, and a structured interview. Employers will only see the most qualified candidates after this vetting process is complete.

If you want to find the best employees, you need to use the most effective methods. Contact us for more information, or download our free whitepaper on Perfecting The Perfect Hire