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   Searching for the person who not only can do the job, but also fits in with the culture of your company, takes a lot of resources. Traditionally, it meant investing nearly 2 and half times the annual salary the new hire was supposed to be paid. If you hire someone who looked good on paper but didn’t work in the company culture, it can cost even more. After all, you have to go hunting for a replacement while the bad recruit costs you customers and employee productivity. Fortunately, research has recently shown that you can create an interview process cuts down on the number of bad hires.

Interviewing Styles

   Interview questions generally come in four styles. There are situational questions, where you ask potential employees to perform tasks they would do at their job. There are situational questions, where you ask potential candidates what they would do in hypothetical situations. There are behavior-based questions, where you ask the potential employees about things they have done. There are self-evaluation questions where the candidates describe themselves. 

The Science Says

    Each style has their uses, and an interviewer could use any combination of them. What research has shown is that a successful HR department keeps the structure of the interview consistent with each candidate. This way, you are always comparing the same group of answers across the board. More than that, you select your questions based on the type of company you have. You pick questions that reflect what you need, and once you find those questions, veering off-script produces a lot of unnecessary data to wade through. A consistent structure also keeps the interviewer focused and helps him or her zero in on whether a candidate can truly work for you.

     A consistent, structured interview created scientifically ensures that all the proper information has been conveyed and that you have gathered all the data you need to appropriately rank a candidate. Creating such a structure requires a lot of forethought and research. This is why Nextaff helps you analyze your needs and helps you through the full hiring process. We will not only find the right qualities to look for, we will winnow the candidates down to the best choices so you can focus on your perfect interview. If you want information about this or any other aspect of hiring, contact us. You can also download our free whitepaper on ‘Perfecting The Perfect Hire.’