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Is a staffing agency the right fit for your next hiring need? Recruiting partners have been helping companies find top talent for decades, and they can be just the resource you’re looking for. Especially considering the uncertain nature of today’s economy while we’re affected by the COVID-19 crisis, a staffing firm may be your secret weapon. Here are the ways a recruiter can perfectly match your next hire.  

Faster Time to Hire 

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to hiring and they can all take a lot of time. A typically hiring process starts with a job description then advertising. You may receive hundreds of resumes you need to sort through before picking your top candidates. You may conduct phone screens before you invite candidates in for an interview. Then you need to handle all the background checks and the pre-hire process. When you partner with a staffing agency, they do this legwork for you so you are left with just the interview and final decision.  

They Offer More Flexibility 

A staffing partner can also provide more flexibility in the hiring process. For example, you will have the ability to “try before you buy” by bringing an employee in on a temporary basis. When you work with a new employee during their initial temporary period, you get to know who they are and if they’re a good fit for your company. If they are not, the agency will help you find a replacement.   

Find the Right Talent 

A recruiter is also trained in sourcing, screening, and placing candidates. They know how to find people with your specific skills in mind and talk to them about your organization and why they may want to work with your company. This isn’t just about placing bodies in chairs. Recruiters have a vested interest in finding the right talent for your open jobs.  

Your Hiring Partner 

What else do you need to know about working with a staffing partner? There are all kinds of agencies that can help. You want to look at agencies that match your industry and have prior experience hiring the types of candidates you typically employ. If your company is local, you may find it easier to work with a local agency. If your company has multiple locations across the company, a national agency might be a better fit. You are also able to work with more than one if that will help you find the right employees faster.  

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