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You’ve already got job hunting down and likely spend more time on job search sites than social media. However, what if becoming a better researcher made you more appealing to employers? It might sound crazy, but knowledge is power and it can change how you approach your resume, job hunt, and interviews.

Uncover Your True Passions

If you’ve worked in a particular field for 10 years, you obviously love it, right? Maybe not. What if deep down there’s this other person begging for an awesome new career? Listen to that voice. More importantly, figure out how to trigger that voice. Make a list of potential interests, even if you don’t know much about them. Now, start digging through posts on LinkedIn (use the Content search), find thought leaders via blogs and Ted Talks, and check out the latest news stories on the topics. You’ll quickly find what drives you. Being knowledgeable and passionate are a winning combination.

Be Prepared for Anything

You walk into an interview and it feels more like a pop quiz at the end of the class you just slept through. While the deer in headlights look won’t get your dream job, a thoughtful, knowledgeable answer makes you stand out in a sea of potential talent.

So, how do you go about becoming the endless fountain of relevant information? Research of course. Before applying for a job, do your research. Dive into the employer’s history, recent industry trends, blog posts from authoritative figures in the industry, and oddball topics that are just kind of related to the industry. Even if you don’t have an interview yet, study up on the industry itself. Everything you know sets you that much further ahead of other candidates.

Never Stop Learning

It’s stressful digging through job postings and feeling like you’re not qualified. Once again, research comes to the rescue. Not only does it help ease stress when it comes to interviews, you’ll feel better when searching for a job. 

When you have any downtime, take free courses related to your desired profession. Some even offer certificates for a small fee, which look great when you’re trying for a promotion. LinkedIn is a great source of informative content. Read everything you can, study whenever you can, and most importantly, always look for new information. The more you learn, the more confident you become and the more irresistible you are to employers.

Start your research journey with us to learn more about becoming the best talent possible. Contact us today to find the right career for you.

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