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You applied for a new job and just received notification that the company would like to set up an interview – over the phone. While this may seem like an easier option than an in-person interview, you need to prepare just as much. Don’t fret, here are some tips to impress your potential future employer without meeting them face-to-face.

1.) Write the time and date of the phone interview on your calendar or add it in to your digital calendar with a reminder. This will help you keep track of the interviews so you can make sure to schedule around them.

2.) For the interview, make sure you are in a quiet place with no potential distractions. You don’t want your concentration thrown off due to kids yelling or being stuck in traffic.

2.) Although it may seem obvious, ensure your phone is fully charged. Make sure where you are calling from has strong cell connection so you don’t risk losing signal.

3.) Have a piece of paper and a pen ready. One of the benefits of a phone interview is that the employer isn’t staring at you the whole time! Jot down parts of the questions when asked so that you can make sure you answer every component. Write down any key information that you don’t want to forget so you can incorporate them into your interview answers (you can even do some of this before the interview as well). An example would be to make a list of your positive and negative attributes, past successes, and what you feel you would bring to the company.

4.) Relax. Take your time and listen to the interviewer before responding. On the phone, you could be likely to rush or even cut off the other person before they finish speaking. Imagine you are in the same room and show this person the same respect.  

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