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The saying, “Find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” might be popular to throw around, but that saying is rarely true or practical. Often, the jobs you are most passionate about can be the same  jobs that wear you out the most. New, idealistic employees tend to throw all their energy into their passion, working long hours and worrying about doing their best, which is great for a while but can quickly lead to burnout. In order to avoid this, it’s best to start making wise choices as soon as you start that dream job. However, it’s also never too late to apply these strategies. 

Be Realistic

New employees who have found their passion naturally want to be the best, or at least feel that they are being productive, making a difference, and using their talents. However, no one is instantly good at their job. No matter how many times people say that you’ll get the hang of it, be prepared to be a little disappointed with your skill level at first. Also remember that if you didn’t have promise, you wouldn’t have been hired, so you can take solace in that while you build up your skills to the level of your colleagues. 

Don’t Overdo It

It can be tempting to try to work as hard as possible until you feel like you are more successful at what you do. However, if you burn out right away, you will never be successful at all! Instead, set small, achievable goals and work at meeting those. Then make sure to go home at a reasonable hour and make time for personal activities in order to be refreshed and ready for the next action-packed work day. 

Take a Break

Study after study has shown that breaks actually increase productivity. In spite of this, many people still insist on working for hours without taking a break or even eating properly. Be the employee that realizes that more breaks equals a much higher quality and volume of work. It could give you that extra edge in a competitive market. 

Connect with Colleagues 

Everyone is bound to make some mistakes when starting a new job, but it is foolish to not learn from the wisdom your colleagues have acquired before you. Connecting with others is also beneficial to your mental health, and your coworkers are much more likely to help you out if you express an interest in them before asking for advice. Chat with a coworker in the break room or ask someone to join you for a casual get together after work. Just hearing about their experiences can also help you feel less overwhelmed, and give you hope for a day when you will be more experienced at your job. 

If you’re still in the process of searching for that job that you’re passionate about, contact us and let us help you find it!

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