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Most temps focus so much on getting permanent placements that they forget the benefits of building a great rapport with their employers. The reality is that temp work is here to stay, and employees who position themselves strategically will never run out of work.

The demand for temp workers has been growing exponentially. A study by Princeton University reveals that hundreds of jobs created in the last 10 years were a result of growth in contract and temp jobs.

As the demand for temp workers increases, competition for high-quality talent will become stiff, and staffing agencies will strive to retain their best. So, if you demonstrate that you are a more valuable employee, you can easily get a greater deal than a permanent placement.

The good news is that you don’t need rocket science to do that. Here’s the first step.

Appreciate You’re Your Own Product

As a temp, you will always be linked to your agency and the company or organization where you perform your duties. This means you have two parties who will assess your performance, skills, and abilities.

  • Impress them, and you’ll increase your odds for more work
  • Exceed their expectations, and you could get a negotiable offer like full-time placement with several perks.

The earlier you realize that you are your own product, the better. No one but you can sell yourself as a valuable employee. But since skill and experience can also be met by others, focus on making yourself standout from the others. For inspiration, here are a few simple ways to do just that.

Stay In Touch

Acing those temp job interview questions and getting hired is just the tip of the iceberg for a great temp. As you execute your duties, update your employer on assignment statuses and the progress you are making. Recruiters don’t like to be caught unaware.

In addition, ask your employer what you can do to help. For example, find ways to make their job easier and more effective.

Provide Insight

Working as a temp gives you a bird’s eye view of the organization and everyday experience. So you’re a great source of information to your staffing agency about the client company.

For instance, you can provide information about how things really work inside the company. Your staffing agency can use that information to improve their services and place workers who are more effective and well-suited for the company.

Be Low Maintenance

Nothing impresses an employer more than a responsive, self-sufficient employee. High maintenance employees tend to be a liability because they need to be spoon-fed throughout.

Most companies are already struggling with the high cost of employee training. A 2014 Training Industry Report reveals that businesses spend about $1,200 training one employee. So figure some tasks and projects out on your own, be easy to reach, stay organized, and you will impress your staffing agency and the client company.

Be A Great Representative

Temporary workers are the face of the recruiting agency, so be a great representative. The client company will certainly notice your level of professionalism, behavior, work ethic, and attitude and will give feedback to your employer. Some may even look at you as one of their future employees.

Make no mistake: temp work is going nowhere. Given the chance, you need to make the most of it. With these tips, you can market yourself for future work, permanent placements, and other prosperous offers. Are you inspired? Contact us for more insight.

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