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Congratulations! You’ve just locked down an interview for your dream job! Interviews can be nerve-racking, and you want to have your head in the game when you walk into that office. The last thing you should be worried about is whether your closet choices were on-par. Dressing appropriately for an interview is never an exact science, and with an ever expanding perception of what workplace culture looks like, it can be easy to get confused. Here are some things to take into consideration when selecting an outfit for the big day! 

Research the Culture 

It’s 2019, and not everybody wears a suit to work anymore. While it’s better to overdress in an interview situation, you want to make sure that you’re dressing for the job you want! Do some research on the culture of the company or organization you’re interviewing for. What do their employees generally wear to work? Of course, you may want to take the standard and dress it up a bit to show that you’re serious. However, a three-piece suit is probably a little overkill for your local coffee shop. 

If you can’t nail down exactly what the expectation is, enlist the help of an administrative assistant at the company. While it may be a tad awkward, asking is always better than guessing! When in doubt, nice slacks and a tie are usually a safe bet for men, and ladies will be safe with a nice blazer or a professional looking dress. 

Fit, Cut, and Condition

Pay careful attention to the condition and fit of your interview attire. While that shirt you wore to junior prom may still button, that does not mean it fits you well! Make sure that your outfit choices are in good condition and fit you appropriately. Ladies should be aware of necklines and hemlines, particularly if you’re interviewing for a company where the culture is more traditional and conservative.

Check for fraying, missing buttons, or holes well before the day of your interview. If necessary, be sure that your shirt will remain tucked in when moving around and that blazers or jackets fit comfortably over your shirt. 

Be Comfortable

Don’t forget that the most important aspect of your interview attire is comfort. You want to be focused on nailing those questions, not how itchy your sweater is. Try your interview outfit on, and take a few laps around the room. Be sure to sit down and stand up a few times to make sure that things don’t shift awkwardly. Ladies, avoid heels if you aren’t absolutely comfortable in walking in them! 

Be Yourself

Remember, your interviewer is going to be focused on your answers and your confidence. Make sure that you feel good in what you’re wearing on the big day, and don’t be afraid to let your outfit reflect your personality if the dress code allows. Adding pops of color or a cool statement necklace can make your look more memorable. You can still be yourself while being the professional superstar your potential employer is looking for. 

Remember to pick your outfit well in advance, and make adjustments as necessary. Be comfortable, confident, and go get that job! For more helpful interview tips, check us out at Nextaff!

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