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Employing great talent is a complex, expensive, challenging process. One of the hardest parts of employing great talent is getting new employees to stay around long enough to excel in their positions. According to recent research in an article by HR Morning, “31% of people…quit a job within the first six months.”

A company with employees who stay long-term runs like a well-oiled machine, but a business with constant turnover has a hard time building a solid team of employees. Employ and retain top talent with a seamless on-boarding plan. You’ll spend much less money and time on the hiring process and build a fantastic team of loyal employees.

1. Start with an Updated Job Description

Two of the five most common reasons employees leave a position shortly after being hired could be avoided with a good job description. Employees cite work they didn’t expect and the job not being “fun” as reasons for leaving, but most of the time these problems could be avoided with a specific, detailed job description. If the job has morphed over time, update it before posting the new position.

2. Implement an On-Boarding Program

A solid on-boarding program can make a huge difference in getting and keeping the right employees. Unite new hires around a central mission and work hard to help them get to know the company and its goals. Invest in training for every position so employees gain confidence as they transition into a new position. Assign employees a mentor to help them adjust to the new company, learn policies, and feel welcome.

Although starting an on-boarding program and updating job descriptions can take time, it will pay off in dividends when you employ talent that really buys into your company. To learn more about techniques for employing the best talent for your business, contact us today.