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Sometimes, the best people for the job are already working elsewhere. It’s been estimated that these passive candidates account for about 75% of the workforce. They may not apply for the vacancy announcement you posted, but that does not mean they are out of reach. You simply have to approach them first with an opportunity. 


LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site, reaching about 37% of the U.S. population. That is approximately 433 million users. As a result, many companies consider LinkedIn the most effective recruiting tool when it comes to social media. You can easily find talents with the set of skills and experiences you desire for the position and, with a click of a button, send them a personal message. Some users can see that you viewed their profile and may even reach out to you first for an opportunity instead.

Employee Referrals

Ask your current employees if they know anyone worth considering for the new position as they can be the best source for new talent. People coming through referrals are typically faster to hire and train and cheaper to recruit. They also tend to have a much more realistic picture of the company having already heard everything from their peers. As a result, about 46% stay after the first year compared to only about 33% hired through career sites and 22% from job boards.

Avoid Cold-Calling

Chances are that these talented people you want are also being contacted by a hoard of recruiters from other companies. When reaching out to them, personalize your message as much as possible. Simply saying their name and how they have the unspecified skills you seek will not save you from looking like spam. Your message needs to show that you know something about them and truly would like to consider them for the job.

Focus on Them

The main topic should be about how the move can benefit them. For example, about 40% of young workers look for opportunities to grow and value it above salary/benefits and work-life balance. Through LinkedIn or employee referrals, find out about your candidate’s values and how your company can provide that for them.

Although finding and hiring passive candidates can take more time and effort, they can make a great addition to your team if traditional job applicants are simply not enough. Incorporate these strategies with current techniques you are already using to ensure that your company reaches out to as many qualified individuals as possible for a better workforce.cqa