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Finding the most productive and focused candidate for the job can cost tens of thousands of extra dollars per year! Unfortunately, finding this talent is not always easy. How do you sift through the less promising candidates to find the cream of the crop? First, you should stay in touch with your most likely candidates, even when you don’t hire them on the spot. It could be that these potential employees become part of an all-star team later.

Second, you should provide quality job listings to help you find unquestionable talent. A good job ad will bring in the right kind of employee. How can you spin your ads to lure in the best employees? You might feel tempted to pick out any popular job board and make a, “Now Hiring!” listing.

Sure, your ad might be seen by thousands of visitors daily, but will it attract the quality your company needs? Will it even entice them to actually apply? Instead, you should really consider the types of people you are wanting to target and what you can offer them. What perks does your company have to offer a new employee? Is there anything in specific you have to offer for this particular role? Including these enticing details instead of just the requirements of a job will make the response rates much higher and could ultimately sway a more qualified candidate who is currently employed. Tapping into these passive candidates could really improve your quality hires.

Additionally, sometimes you just need to look at your current team with fresh eyes. What are each member’s strengths and weaknesses? Perhaps there is a person on your team who isn’t really great under pressure, but does such immaculate work that taking them away from customer interface could drastically improve performance.  Furthermore, is there anyone on your current team that could do the job you have available well? Perhaps doing some shifting and hiring for the less tricky roles could prove more successful in the long run as well.


Here at Nextaff, we use an additional scientific and methodical approach which has helped our clients hire more quality talent. For further information, contact us today!