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You’ve submitted your resume and made it through the first stages of screening. You’ve been invited to the office to interview. You thought it went well and now you’re waiting for their response. Is the ball in their court now? Not really. What can you do to follow up after your interview? Consider the power of the Thank You Note. Here’s what you can do to increase your chances of getting a callback.  

The Purpose of a Thank You Note 

After your interview, you should sit down and write that thank you note. Don’t wait too long to send it. If your interview was in the morning, send it that afternoon. If it was in the afternoon, send it first thing the next morning. The purpose is to keep you on the interviewer’s mind, show your interest level, and express true gratitude for them taking time out of their day to meet with you.  

The Tone You Use 

Written communication is very different than face to face. You need to make sure your thankyou note is professional, well stated, and edited to eliminate any typos, grammar errors, or misspellings. Otherwise, the note will have the opposite effect. Always proofread before you hit send on that email.  

Add or Restate Important Info 

This is also your chance to correct anything you wish you had said differently or include anything you forgot to mention. The thankyou note is the perfect place for that. For instance, you may write something like, “Also, I forgot to mention that I do have experience with creating PowerPoint presentations and small group training sessions.”  

Declare Your Interest 

You also need to use this platform as a way to restate your interest in the job. For example, include a short conclusion that says, “It was a pleasure to meet with you. I am available right away and am very interested in working with your company because of your community involvement. I look forward to hearing back from you.” Make sure to provide a specific reason why you’re interested.  

Best Formats for Following Up 

There are two schools of thought when it comes to thankyou notes. There are still people who prefer hand-written thank you notes. And sending one in the mail is just fine. Use professional stationary or notecards when going this route. Otherwise, email will be faster and a lot of people prefer that so the message reaches the recipient directly and quickly. There is no wrong answer.  

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