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We all know someone who is surprisingly very good at their job. They are always on time, doing something productive, and they somehow always seem to have their work-life together. You could be that someone too. Listed below are a few behaviors you can adopt that will strengthen your productivity at work:

Create a Network

Regardless of your field of work, building a network of professionals around you will be one of the most beneficial things you could do for yourself. You can start with your coworkers. Take note of your emails, your office goals, any news that’s relevant to your work. Be ready to share your notes at meetings, even if those meetings take place around the water cooler. Take the time to relay a piece of good news about the company to your supervisor. We almost always feel obligated to tell our bosses about any bad news that is relevant to our company, but how often do we take a moment to share a positive note?

Build your network by creating opportunities for your colleagues to connect. Plan potlucks, suggest staff enrichment days, attend conferences, and get creative with ideas to build and strengthen your network. Treasure those contacts because they are priceless.

Don’t forget to show appreciation for those within your network. Tell someone why you’re thankful for them. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and it helps you stand out from the crowd.


Take about 5 minutes each morning to relax and meditate. Focus on your goals for the day and what you would like to get accomplished while you are at work. Meditation clears the mind and offers a fresh perspective each day.

Take Regular Breaks

Take a few moments at the beginning of each hour to get up and move. Walk around, stretch your legs, or do some jumping jacks. Do whatever you need to do to re-awaken your mind and get your blood flowing. Staying active and alert is a fantastic way to beat the afternoon slump, and it increases your efficiency at work.

Make it easy to stay up-to-date on today’s happenings

Watch the morning news and download a few News apps. Customize your notifications to be alerted to anything relevant that is happening in your industry. Try to get a feel for big events, breaking news, social media, entertainment, or anything else that may come up while you are at work. Have the knowledge on hand so that you can keep up in meetings. Nobody wants to be out of the loop during a significant discussion.

Update your networking tools

Take advantage of the networking opportunities that social media has to offer. Share what you’ve been up to, share relevant news articles, ask for advice on a big project, etc. Use social media in a way that works for you! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all great places to expand your network.

Never stop trying to become the best employee you can be. For more advice on staying productive at work visit our talent blog, or contact us today!

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