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Are pressing deadlines, fussy clutter and relentless stress affecting your peace and productivity at work? Bright computer screens and fluorescent lights hurt your eyes, and malfunctioning, old technology only adds to your stress as your tasks pile up. You try to ignore the paperwork but swear some mischievous co-worker is folding paper airplanes and flying them onto your desk for laughs.

These annoying details add up over the course of a day, especially during a long week. And you carry work-related stress home. Create a peaceful and productive work environment to overcome stressors.

Declutter Your Office Area

Decluttering prevents your work pace from slowing down, and you’ll find what’s needed more easily to move on to the item:

  • Replace bulky furniture with a modern, functional desk and a comfortable chair that supports your back.
  • Use open shelves to make it easier to locate items and keep your workspace neat.
  • Reign in unruly cords and cables with hooks and zip ties.

Consider your workflow, matching your style of working to your environment. Ditch the paperwork for the storage on the cloud, or use a bulletin board to track your tasks. At the end of your day, take five minutes to declutter the area and prepare for the next day—so you won’t take work-related stress home with you. 

Cultivate a Comfortable Workspace

Comfort must be associated with efficiency, alongside function, to enable you to be the best at your job. You have to be emotionally, mentally and physically present to fulfill your duties. You spend nearly 45 hours in your workplace per week, and it’s important to love your work environment. Optimize your efficiency by increasing your comfort:

  • Adjust the lights: Computer screen and overhead light glare cause eye strain, affecting your focus and quality of sleep. Rely more on natural light sources and ambient lighting, adjusting blinds and turning on table top lamps as the daylight fades.
  • Cancel out noise: Replace loud office equipment and go digital where possible, such as using an e-fax service over a fussy fax machine. Partitions and fans also cancel out the noise.
  • Choose better decor and furniture: Your elbows and knees should bend at ninety-degree angles on your desk and the floor. Keep this in mind when choosing your desk and chair, especially one that gives you good neck and back support. Add personal touches to the room: plants, art and books.

Bring personal rituals to center yourself at work, and use these to optimize your energy and focus as the day progresses. Coffee addicts will gain a benefit from a personal coffee bar, and hobby artists will love adult colored books and markers.

Cultivating a more peaceful work environment will boost your productivity while encouraging work-life balance and optimizing your workflow. Remember to take breaks as needed and declutter before the next day. At home, you’ll sleep soundly and be ready to seize the work day.

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