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You finally landed that job you wanted! Now it’s time to get to work and show your boss what you’re made of. Employers want to hire and keep people who impress them and will undoubtedly make their lives easier. These simple tips below will help you show your boss what a great asset you are going to be to the company.

Do: Take Initiative

Just because your assigned duties are finished for the day does not mean you should slack off. Reach out to your supervisor for any additional tasks he or she may need you to complete. Ask a struggling co-worker if you can help them finish something up. Look around for areas of your workplace that could be tidied up or reorganized to make some else’s life a little easier.

Even small efforts to go above and beyond will certainly be noticed by others, including your boss.

Don’t: Play the Comparison Game

It may seem that one co-worker is never given complicated tasks, or they may have serious attendance issues. Whatever the situation is, you can always make it out to seem like you are getting the short end of the stick. This will only cause you to feel discontent with your job duties and it may create frustration for your boss. Focusing on yourself and your task at hand instead of what others may or may not be doing is a much better way to get through your day. 

Employers generally take notice when someone isn’t doing what they are supposed to be doing. It will eventually be dealt with, so make sure you are not the employee they will be dealing with. 

Do: Be Considerate of Co-workers

No one wants to get to the lunchroom hungry only to find out that  someone swiped their sandwich. Common courtesy states that you should not take what doesn’t belong to you, but you would be surprised at how often people are inconsiderate of others in the workplace. Make sure that you are not the employee that people need to be on the lookout for. On the flip side it is very considerate to replace the ink toner when it is low, or make a new pot of coffee for everyone to enjoy. These small gestures can really make a big difference and will be helpful to your coworkers.

Your boss will be impressed by your attention to detail and will also certainly enjoy that fresh cup of coffee.

Don’t: Fall Into the Gossip Trap

You wouldn’t want your boss to catch you bad-mouthing your co-workers, but even if there was no chance of you getting caught, gossiping is still bad work behavior. Not only will joining in on the office gossip potentially make you look bad to others, but it can foster hostility between employees. You will never get along with everyone in your office, but keeping your opinions to yourself at work is the safest bet. 

Kindness is always the best workplace policy, and your boss will appreciate your agreeable attitude. 

Landing your next job is a big deal. Making sure you excel there is even more important. Showing up with a positive attitude, and going above and beyond each day are two things that will impress your boss and hopefully get you that raise or promotion you have been looking for.

Haven’t quite found that dream job yet? These tips will help you be prepared to be the best employee you can be when you do. Contact us today, and we can help you find the next job you will excel at. 

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