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Your resume is a marketing opportunity. You’re selling yourself, and your experience, to a potential employer. So how can you be sure to spotlight your experience in the best way possible on your resume? There are a lot of things you might want a potential employer to know, but you need to be restrained on what you include in a resume. Before you send out another email on your job search, consider these ways to highlight your skills and experience on your resume.

Make it Match

The single most important thing you can do every time you send a resume to a company is to make it match what the company needs. This means customizing your resume every time. Use the job description as a jumping-off point and reword some of your experience to match what it is they’re looking for in a candidate.

Use the Right Words

Keywords are also important. Most companies utilize an applicant tracking software system that crawls resumes for the matching keywords. Don’t overstuff your resume, but use specific words that will draw their attention and the attention of their software. It’s helpful to use industry-specific keywords to make sure your resume gets the right attention.

Show, Don’t Tell

Applicant tracking systems don’t review resumes, though, so you want to make sure you have enough information for a reader as well. They need to make the decision to contact you and talk to you more about the open opportunity. Do this by describing your accomplishments. Don’t just tell them that you’re a good communicator, show how you’ve improved services through communication by writing examples.

Be the Solution

Finally, every job is a problem that needs to be solved. Your job is to be the solution the company is looking for. How can you solve their specific problem? Keep this in mind as you spotlight your experience and background on the resume. What can you do that will improve this company’s performance or success rates?

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