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Let’s face it, not all paying jobs are sustainable career options in the long haul. You might have taken a job for numerous reasons that, though relevant at the time, no longer hold as much importance as they did when you started. Everyday life can shift your needs and wants to reflect your current reality, so why shouldn’t your career choices? If you’ve lost passion in your work or have a new fire burning in your job interests, here are some simple tips to keep in mind to ease that transition in your career.  

1. Parallels in Prior Positions

Acknowledging your experience in a related field, no matter how insignificant, is always a positive first step when applying for a new job. You don’t have to start from scratch when seeking different types of positions, just be clear on your resume and each application of how your past investments in your work performance at other companies can benefit your new employer. From filling out paperwork to working in a building under construction, the ability to utilize relevant knowledge of a past experience to ease training in a new realm is an unparalleled skill in adaptability.

2. Fantasy Your Failure

If you were fired from your job today with no warning, how would you prioritize what you did next? Preparing yourself for job insecurity may seem pessimistic, but having a backup plan for what you would do without the job you currently have is the right mindset to be in when going into the job hunt. You could easily start a new job that you do not like or simply have a job offer fall through after you’ve already resigned from your current position, so preparing for your worst-case scenario today will help you mentally start a plan B for your future.

3. Confidence In Collision

Leaving behind your fun coworkers to work from home or losing the perks you got from a large corporation to start your small business can be a hard transition once you actually begin doing the work. The most crucial place to be confident is not in your resume and references, not in your abilities or invention, but in how you will handle such a large reset in your day to day life. It’s important that you embrace being uncomfortable while building a new routine until you find your rhythm.


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