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Is your community poised to add jobs this year and into the future? Or have large employers closed or moved? Either way, the outlook may be good for temporary and permanent staffing firms. Why? 

All types of employers – from the Fortune 500 to small start-ups, and even long-established family-run businesses, turn to staffing agencies to help them hire to fill part- and full-time, temporary and permanent positions. 

Staffing franchises are very welcome in most business communities, too. Clearly, they are positioned to serve the whole region, by both helping businesses grow and putting individuals to work on their own terms. 

Growth in the Staffing Industry

In the past two decades, the staffing industry has seen expansion and growth for several reasons – not all of them economic. While jobs outlooks have ridden a virtual roller coaster, opportunities with staffing firms have remained relatively steady – probably largely because hiring through a staffing firm poses less risk to employers, both financial and legal. 

At the same time, as labor laws have become both broader and more enforceable, companies of all sizes have found that outsourcing many of the basic hiring and human resources functions allows them to focus more on their core business. This has created an opportunity for highly professional staffing firms and employment specialists to offer much-needed services to employers in different regions of the country.

With an average turnover rate of nearly 20%, and the cost of hiring a new employee in 2016 at more than $4,000, the stigma of using a “headhunter” or placement service is long gone. 

The jobs available through staffing firms have expanded, too. Today’s job openings range from skilled laborers like welders to degreed professionals in marketing, medical administration and engineering. In every region of the US, a well-rounded staffing franchise can enrich a community in multiple ways. 

Tips For Franchise Owners, Staffing Professionals

Entrepreneurial opportunities – and particularly franchise businesses – are not all created equal. And, to be fair, none of them offer any guarantee of success. However, most new business owners and franchise managers can improve their rate of success by following basic business advice: play to your strengths, and outsource to compensate for your lack of experience (and time).

The US Small Business Association recommends that potential franchise owners first take stock of their strengths, assess their risk tolerance, and budget when considering franchising opportunities. The SBA suggests a strong support system for franchise owners is critical. 

Entrepreneur magazine recommends small business owners, especially those just starting out, outsource certain time-consuming, administrative and specialized tasks, including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Content marketing and lead optimization
  • Payroll and
  • Scheduling and other administrative tasks

Similarly, an article in CIO magazine recommends using experienced outsourcing organizations and considering strategic partnerships, both of which allow new business owners to focus their time on their most productive activities. According to experts on managed services, having a firm grasp on metrics (most importantly, goals and expected outcomes) is a critical key to getting a new business growing in the right direction.

An established staffing franchise combines the guidance and support, tools and leadership necessary for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses while at the same time offering real benefits in their communities.

As a workforce strategy provider, Nextaff offers extensive training, powerful marketing (lead generation and management) programs, and comprehensive back-office services that include processing payroll taxes, workman’s compensation, unemployment claims and payroll financing. This combination of strategic and tactical support allows Nextaff franchise owners to devote the time they need to building their business and relationships in their local communities that pave the way to success.

Also, because all client deposits (net of fees) are processed and remitted on a weekly basis, Nextaff owners can manage operations based on a regular cash flow cycle.

For more information about Nextaff franchising and business opportunities, contact us.